Get up on the floor and play

All Impro Supreme workshops are a blend of physical acting, clowning and improvisational theatre.

Playtime – Let’s make things happen

Movement and imagination. Gain strength and originality on stage with this unique set of physical acting and creative exercises based on the Four Articulations, Ira Seidenstein’s training program for actors and performers. Expect everything from individual warm-ups to short performance acts with one or several partners.

Substance – Deal with Reality First

Mindfulness in action. Gain razor-sharp precision in your performance with Mary Overlie’s Six Viewpoints training system for actors and dancers. It is all about seeing and feeling reality in all its details – to experience the full richness of being in the moment. You will learn how to play with the foundational elements of performance – and discover a powerful new freedom on stage.

The Clown-Hero’s Journey

Clown improv with a narrative twist. Freestyle clowning meets improv theatre. In these workshops, you will take the bare bones of drama and comedy and play with them both as clown and improviser. Ideal for: actors and comedians who want to let go and improvise more freely; clowns who wish to improve their storytelling; improvisers who want to shake up their habits.

Moment from one of Caspar Schjelbred's Impro Supreme workshops.

 what TO ExpecT 

Method, Clarity, Fun

  • The warm-up is both physical and creative. Movement first, then free improvisations.
  • The technical training builds seamlessly on the warm-up. It’s detailed and straightforward.
  • The performance exercises have clear parameters for feedback.