Substance, training for theatre, dance, everyday life…

physical and creative improvisation

4 hours to cov­er the bases

ideal for beginners

use­ful remind­ers for exper­i­enced performers

the clown-hero’s journey

improvisational clowning

full day work­shop (or longer)

designed for exper­i­enced improvisers

use­ful for aspir­ing clowns

the four articulations

physical acting and clowning

5‑day train­ing

full intro­duc­tion to the Seidenstein method

use­ful for all types of performers

regular classes

online via Zoom

group ses­sions and one-to-one training

any­where in the world

weekly training in Paris only

monday morn­ings – Paris 1st

tues­day even­ings – Paris 9th

[basic level of French required]
[classes will start again as soon as possible]

Impro Supreme International