Everyday Life Is Where Creativity Really Matters

The world is a place of exploration and experimentation.

Being Creative Is Simple and Easy

Ask any normal, healthy kid. Being creative is nothing special.

Everyday creativity is more about how you see and do things than inventing new stuff or creating works of art.

Start by embracing the fact that the world will always remain a place of exploration and experimentation. Practise seeing details. Notice how things are rarely – if ever – the same.

Think about what you see. Ask questions. Give lots of answers.

Indulge in your curiosity.

Read books. Reading is the easiest way to train your creative imagination.

Listen for the heart of things. That’s what to do if you’re lost, if you don’t know what to do, if you’ve forgotten why you ever did anything in the first place. I rediscovered it recently in Julyen Hamilton’s workshop in Paris: The Dancing Spirit in Voice, Word and Body. (Yes, that’s me in the background.)How Could

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Why read about acting and theatre if you’re not an actor or director? Why read yet another book about it, if you’re already working in the business? I’ll answer the second question first: you have to keep thinking about your art. Test your ideas. Formulate your own thoughts. Also, it’s the best way to find out whether

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How to lead a creative life? What does it even mean? You don’t have to toil away at creating works of art or cultivate a bohemian lifestyle to lead a creative life. It’s much simpler than that. Creativity is a fundamental aspect of living a good and healthy life. The question is how to find your way

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What does it take to be one in a hundred? It seems that it would be enough to raise your head, look at the world and take it in. This would be sufficiently rare to make you stand out in any big city at any given moment. Not that standing out is necessarily something to strive for. What

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