It’s Time

To Become Magnetic on Stage

Refine your physical acting. Sharpen your improvisation skills. Develop your creativity. Grow as a theatre artist.

Impro Supreme – Who is it for?

Whether a novice actor or a veteran performer, you know you’ve got to keep in shape. Not just physically, but artistically – as a whole person. Why depend on directors, coaches and colleagues when you can take charge of your own training?

  • Actors
  • Comedians
  • Clowns
  • Dancers
  • Improvisers


I'm Caspar Schjelbred

Life’s too short for boring acting. It’s also too long to constantly renew yourself. Impro Supreme is my antidote to boredom and stress – both on and off stage.

Acting should be enjoyable and inspiring. That’s it. So let’s aim to become fully alive performers: bold actors, intelligent clowns, expressive comedians, and dancers with a sense of humour! Let’s take ourselves seriously and embody our creative freedom! What better way to live and make a positive difference in the world?

Why work with me

Solid technique

Discover a pragmatic approach that combines physical acting, improv theatre, clowning, mime and dance.

No more dull acting

Learn how to surprise yourself and become an endless source of wonder and amazement.

Serious fun

Find the sweet spot between letting go and control; know what you’re doing – and play your socks off.

Supreme improvisation

Enjoy the simplicity, power and beauty of owning what you are and what you’re doing.

Impro Supreme accumulates

Customers served! 6 Years of Practice
Customers served! 6  Years of Teaching
Customers served! 6 Years of Specialisation

How I work


You explore

Playing is good. But playing generically won’t get you very far. You have to get specific: know what you’re playing at, what you’re playing with and how. Consciously try things and note your observations. Proceed much like in empirical research.


You grow

Creative exploration is only the beginning of the adventure. Every finding you make should expand your capacities and scope as a performer. That’s why you have to practise and repeat discoveries again and again. Make creativity your home.


You take ownership

Doing exercises and following instructions will give you good results. But it’s not until you start tweaking things yourself and try out your own ideas that you will become magnetic on stage. Then things will really happen for you. And that’s what Impro Supreme is all about.

What will be your next step to become a unique actor?

an online video course

Learning to take charge of your own acting training is a central aspect of what Impro Supreme offers you. Practising full-on improvisation exercises at home on your own is a big step and – let’s face it – quite peculiar at first. The reward, however, is immense. Make this work yours, and you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

an in-person workshop

Playing with and in front of others is, of course, crucial. You’ll get immediate feedback and deepen your understanding by seeing how other participants wrestle with their own strengths and weaknesses. The number of participants in an Impro Supreme workshop is strictly limited to guarantee you an intense and fruitful experience.

individual coaching sessions

Do you need more attention to improve on a specific aspect of your acting? Do you have a particular issue with improvisation that you want to solve? – I’m available for video calls as well as in-person sessions. Feel free to get in touch if you think I could be of assistance, and we’ll start by having a quick chat about it.

your own performance project

Do you have an idea for an act or a show you want to create? Or do you need to shape up an existing one? My eyes and love for visual detail are at your service. I’ll assist you with suggestions and directions based on what you show me. It’s a collaboration. You always remain the artist and creator.


John Mabey,
improv actor & playwright

The Impro Supreme workshop was an incredible experience because I now feel better connected to my physical self as I explore characters and relationships in improvisation. Caspar is a wonderfully intelligent and experienced teacher who is able to motivate while also making you laugh and feel comfortable exploring your own creativity.

Koenraad Coel,
improv actor & musician

 I feel this method changes your whole outlook on improvisation and the creative process. Improv at its most exciting, fresh and deep level.
I consider this workshop one of the best I’ve ever done. And a lot of the things we did are still central to my understanding of improv and storytelling.

Corneliu Dragomirescu,

I can say that Impro Supreme has been most useful to me in terms of knowing new methods of work, acquiring new skills and mostly identifying my weak spots that need work and improvement. I can’t see how we could have done more in four days!

See what happens in a workshop

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