Training for Acting

Caspar Schjelbred

Impro Supreme helps you devel­op your cre­at­ive phys­ic­al­ity. The work­shops and classes bring togeth­er tech­niques from mime, clown, dance and impro­visa­tion­al theatre.

All for your per­son­al and artist­ic well-being.

refine your experience

you’re the artist.

creative improvisation

There’s no mater­i­al to pre­pare, no lines to learn. No ready-made recipes either. There are mech­an­isms to grasp. Learn how to think in order to com­pose spon­tan­eously without stress.

use your body first.

physical theatre

Speech is not excluded, but it’s essen­tially the body that’s doing the talk­ing, com­mu­nic­at­ing the drama and the com­edy, telling the story. It’s dance. It’s mime. It’s theatre worth seeing.

enjoy your­self.


Just like the great clowns you are free to play what you want how you want. Everything is pos­sible: per­form an act, impro­vise a story, present a dance, do some Shakespeare. What mat­ters is your engagement.

classes & workshops

open air classes

when the weather­’s good

in the centre of Paris

online classes


any­where in the world


dates TBA

primar­ily in Europe


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