Why Audiences Love Watching You

– And Why They Don’t

Are you boring spectators because you don’t know how to be fully alive and engaging on stage? Is your acting and improvisation hit-and-miss?

Take the guesswork out of performance. Learn creative acting through the body, and captivate audiences at will.

Supreme Improvisation

 Is it for you? 

Do you fully grasp how the creative mind works in unison with the actor’s body? Are you connecting physicality and imagination to become magnetic on stage? Why are the eyes of the audience not riveted on your performance?

  • Actors
  • Comedians
  • Clowns
  • Dancers

By Caspar Schjelbred

Yes, that’s me

I created Impro Supreme to complement all the regular acting and improv classes that don’t bother much with physical acting and individual creativity. In my workshops, it’s quite the opposite!

You will engage fully with yourself as a creative artist – and turn your improvisations into theatre that is a joy to behold.

Why participate?

To be more present on stage

And more confident thanks to solid techniques that connect body and mind.

To be more precise and direct in your acting

Let’s make sure you connect your emotions and your movement.

To learn how to practise correctly

According to your abilities and sensibilities – and what you want to achieve.

To feel good and improvise magnificently

Come along and take yourself seriously as an artist and instrument of your art.

Caspar Schjelbred, founder of Impro Supreme

What you can expect

Start again from the bottom up – every time

Body awareness is the foundation of all Impro Supreme classes and workshops. A real base. Not just a quickly forgotten warm-up but a constant throughout.

Feel your body

Take the time to feel your movements and gestures. Appreciate the nuances of your physical shape – your attitude – and feel how you are here and now.

Play for real

Pay attention to how you are doing what you are doing. Grasp the immediate sense of your actions and movements. Articulate your intentions clearly.

Create freely

Dare to see what’s inside you – or just let it rise. Cultivate your creative imagination in a structured manner. Develop your artistic vision and share it with the world.

This training that connects body and imagination will serve you everywhere in the performing arts – whether it’s to improvise theatre, speak lines of dialogue, dance on the wild side or perform a clown act.

  A word on clowns and clowning   

Clowning is always welcome

There’s a lot of clowning happening spontaneously in the Impro Supreme classes and workshops.

Please note that the instructions concerning clowning will always remain technical and pragmatic – just like for the physical improvisation. To be clear: you won’t be searching to find your clown.

Rest assured that you’ll be able to explore clowning without any ambiguous psychobabble.

Come along to practise what the great clowns are doing instead of trying to make heads or tails of everything people say about clowns and clowning.

Weekly training

Tuesday evenings 8pm
PARIS 9th arrondissement

>> You have to understand French!


John Mabey,
improv actor & playwright

The Impro Supreme workshop was an incredible experience because I now feel better connected to my physical self as I explore characters and relationships in improvisation. Caspar is a wonderfully intelligent and experienced teacher who is able to motivate while also making you laugh and feel comfortable exploring your own creativity.

Koenraad Coel,
improv actor & musician

 I feel this method changes your whole outlook on improvisation and the creative process. Improv at its most exciting, fresh and deep level.
I consider this workshop one of the best I’ve ever done. And a lot of the things we did are still central to my understanding of improv and storytelling.

Corneliu Dragomirescu,

I can say that Impro Supreme has been most useful to me in terms of knowing new methods of work, acquiring new skills and mostly identifying my weak spots that need work and improvement. I can’t see how we could have done more in four days!