Join from anywhere in the world

Online impro­visa­tion classes taught out of Paris. A few square metres and a good inter­net con­nec­tion are all you need.

Shake up your habits

Consciously using your body in dif­fer­ent ways will freshen your mind.

Get creative – for real

Connecting your ima­gin­a­tion to your body will devel­op your authen­t­ic creativity.

See and be seen

Observing oth­ers work and being observed your­self will bene­fit your learning.

The Impro Supreme online improvisation classes will prepare you for the new normal. Whatever it’s going to be. Choose between group sessions and one-to-one training and get yourself ready!

let’s get physical

These are not online impro­visa­tion classes where you’ll be sit­ting down talk­ing to a screen – or spend half the time watch­ing oth­ers do the same.

The Impro Supreme online pro­gramme is not a sub­sti­tute: it is the real deal.

Rather than play­ing around the lim­its of online inter­ac­tion, we focus on how to make the most of it to keep you in shape and pre­pare you for the stage. Our online classes are designed accord­ing to the same core prin­ciples we nor­mally use in the stu­dio work.

In oth­er words, all Impro Supreme online classes remain fully ded­ic­ated to phys­ic­al act­ing and impro­visa­tion train­ing for performance.

The over­all pur­pose is to hone your impro­visa­tion­al skills and devel­op your artist­ic expres­sion. Whether you then aim to apply this on theatre stages, from your own stream­ing stu­dio or in every­day life – that is of course up to you.

The same prin­ciples apply.

movement & imagination

Practise con­nect­ing your ima­gin­a­tion to your move­ments and vice versa. Discover how to use your body to spon­tan­eously cre­ate situ­ations and char­ac­ters – and make your impro­visa­tions both excit­ing and sur­pris­ing to watch.

4‑week workshop

one 2 hour class per week
dates and times TBA
98€ – max. 8 participants

physicality & perception

Explore the full rich­ness of being in the moment and anchor your impro­visa­tion in what is real. Practise see­ing and feel­ing what hap­pens both inside of you and around you – and dis­cov­er a power­ful new free­dom and pre­ci­sion in your performing.

4‑week workshop

one 2 hour class per week
dates and times TBA
98€ – max. 8 participants

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