01/12/2018 | Caspar Schjelbred

Be One in A Hundred

Every morning this week around 9 o’clock I took the long horizontal escalator at the Montparnasse métro station to change from line 12 to 13. In less than a minute I’d see about 200 people passing by in the opposite direction. Only a couple of them would see me seeing them. Most faces seemed frozen in various expressions of dread or determination. I thought to myself that they are missing the show –the daily terror show– and that all it takes to be one in a hundred is to raise one’s head and look at the world.

On Thursday morning – thinking this for the fourth time – I got my phone out and wrote the following extended note, an exhortation of sorts, to myself, to the workshop participants I was going to see 15-20 minutes later, to anyone, really…

Correspondance à Gare Montparnasse
People, hundreds of faces passing by
Different degrees of terror
Most are missing the show

Open your eyes, lift your head
Look at the world
Look at people
Be one in a hundred
Describe what you see
Express how you feel
Dare to proffer an interpretation
Your interpretation

Even though it’s not the absolute truth
Even though it’s not the last word on the matter
It is a word on the matter
And it’s yours

Some will recognise it
Some will understand it
Some will even share it
(Perhaps also on Facebook)

Some will love it, some will hate it
Some will mistake you for it
Some will love you for it
And some will hate you – for it

They are all wrong: You are not it
Don’t think they love you – or hate you
No, they love or they hate it
Not you

So be an artist: Open your mouth – speak your mind!
Sing your heart out!
Get a pen in your hand – write!
And above all: Get up and dance!

No matter what they say.
No matter what you think they think.
Most don’t know how to see, don’t know how to feel
So come on and show them something, give them something:

What you see
What you feel

That’s all you can do
Be there for them
Be there for others to see you
To feel you

Be one in a hundred
So tomorrow there can be two
Then maybe three
And four, and who knows
One day maybe more than fifty! A majority!

And for a second or a minute
For someone
The daily terror show will be replaced
By something else

By you or by someone else
Who sees and feels the wonder show of the world
Like that man handing out free newspapers
At Porte de Vanves, exit number two

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