I believe there's always room for a bit of improvisation in acting, even if it's only a millimetre.
Then how much or how little that is improvised doesn't matter to me, as long the theatre is free and alive...

Baby Steps First

Learn to play with the fundamental elements of acting and theatre before anything else – and keep coming back to them.

Balance What & How

Practise being aware of what you're doing and how you're doing it at the same time. Essential for acting in a play as well as for improvising.

Soldier On

Set your sights on what excites or interest you to do on stage and go for it. Work hard and enjoy whether or not you triumph in the end!

Actor Training

My fore­word to Ira Sei­den­stein’s new book ‘Quan­tum The­atre: Slap­stick to Shake­speare’. A tes­ta­ment to Jean-Louis Bar­rault’s say­ing that the­atre is “train­ing to live”.


About the Author

Hello, I'm Caspar Schjelbred. I'm the creator of Impro Supreme and the author of this web site.

I've thought and written quite a lot about improvisation, acting and theatre over the last 15 years, but mainly kept it all to myself. Well that's about to end! This is where I will unpack my thoughts, put them in order, and present them in a way that makes sense to both myself – and hopefully also to others.

My ambition is that in time this will grow to become a spot you will return to for both inspiration and provocation, as well as to get some useful hints and tips too.

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